The Trevorending Story

trevor story 4-8-16.jpg

The bad news, the Rockies lost in grand fashion to a team that was shutout their first three games of the season. What good news could possibly come from a 13-6 loss? Well, Trevor Story hit two more home runs, along with an RBI single, and has officially replaced Tulo as the my favorite Rockies shortstop ever. Four games, six home runs, and a whole lot of hype for the future of this young man. He can’t stay this hot forever, but as long as he keeps this up, the Rockies will be relevant.

The story of the game, aside from Trevor Story, was the Padres offense awakening to a 13 run outbreak against a Rockies pitching staff that pitched like many people would’ve expected them. Jordan Lyles got roughed up bad. In only 3.1 innings, he gave up 5 runs and allowed three walks. Lyles couldn’t command his fastball and got himself into trouble with deep counts that were hitter friendly. The Padres finally erupted in the fourth for six runs. Yangervis Solarte and Alexei Ramirez were the only Padres starters without a hit or a run scored. The Padres lineup from top to bottom completely handled the Rockies pitchers on Friday afternoon in the home opener.

The game started on a high note, the Rockies scored two runs in the second inning, one coming from the RBI single from story and another coming on an RBI double from Cargo, but a wild Colin Rea was able to keep the Rockies in check for the most part despite only going 3.1 and allowing four walks. He had practically the same line as Lyles, but the difference came in the bullpens. The Padres bullpen only allowed one run, a ninth inning homer from Story, while the Rockies bullpen gave up eight runs.

The Rockies will need to come out and have a good pitching performance tomorrow. No matter how good the offense is, they need to conserve some of their bullpen arms. The season is long and they can’t rely on the offense all year, it simply isn’t sustainable. There is also the question of why Mark Reynolds again got the start in place of Ben Paulsen. The plan was to platoon the two, Reynolds against lefties Paulsen against righties, but so far Reynolds has started against two righties and has not hit well in either of those games. If you’re going to implement a plan you have to stick to it, and with the way it is currently going, Paulsen is probably wondering when he will actually start.

De La Rosa will take the hill for the Rockies tomorrow night and the Rockies could really use a good start. The offense will likely perform, they have been through the first four games, but the pitching needs to get some consistency if the Rockies are to compete. It is the story every year, “will the Rockies pitchers pitch like Major Leaguers or will they lead the league in runs given up?” and so far it isn’t looking particularly good for the pitchers. A long season is ahead if they can’t get in the groove.

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