Avalanche Eliminated

avs vs preds.jpg

The Nashville Predators beat the Avalanche last night with a final score of 4-3. The Avalanche stuck around for the entire game and didn’t play terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but ultimately they fell.

There isn’t much to be said that hasn’t already been said. The Avalanche needed to win this game to stay alive. They needed to play with desperation and come out and make a point, but they couldn’t do it. Despite Minnesota losing, meaning the Avs could’ve stayed in the picture, the Predators were just better.

An awesome goal from Filip Forsberg was the highlight of the game for either team, and around the league. He flipped the puck between his legs and with his stick between his legs, he shot the puck past Varlamov into the back of the net. The play was something you just have to admire, even as an Avs fan, and although that goal could’ve meant the difference in the outcome of the game, you have to appreciate it.

The Avalanche played well. They matched the shot total for the Preds and even though they got down by two early, they fought back to tie the game. The third period had the Predators scoring early, but the Avs answered back to tie the game at 3-3. Craig Smith would score the game winner 4:17 into the third period and the Avalanche were unable to answer.

The last four games have the Avalanche losing four straight. They had all the opportunity in the world to come back into the playoff picture. The Wild have also lost four in a row and have struggled to score. They were inviting the Avs to take the playoff spot from them, but as Patrick Roy said, they seem to have a losing mindset. The final two games of the season are meaningless for the Avalanche and they should be looking towards next season to be real competitors.

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