Roy rips Duchene after 30th goal celebration

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.57.36 AM.png

The Avalanche lost big to the St. Louis Blues last night with a final score of 5-1. The loss put the Avs that much closer to being mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs as they now have to win out and the Wild would have to lose out.

The story of the night however, was Coach Patrick Roy throwing leading scorer Matt Duchene under the bus after a celebration. Duchene scored his 3oth goal of the season, a season milestone that he has never reached before, and then took a quick moment to celebrate. The celebration was apparently too much for Roy who in a press conference called Duchene out. The move by Roy is one that has cost him some fans and has made a lot of people really question his leadership and control over this team. Roy stated that the team is currently in a losing mindset, but you have to wonder where this mindset is getting started. The coach is certainly responsible for some of this blame and with a season like the Avs have had, Roy is not clear of the blame at all. Bad line combinations, questionable goalie pulls, and defensives schemes have all been because of Patrick Roy and this year has showed that maybe he isn’t the right coach for this team.

After Roy was first made the coach of the Avs, I was stoked. Someone who is a legend within the organization, someone who could hopefully get this team on the right track after a lot of losing seasons, and his first year he did exactly that. Or so it seemed. The more you look at the past two seasons, the more Roy’s rookie coaching season seems like a fluke. The defensive scheme isn’t working and the goaltending is not sustainable with the scheme Roy likes to use. People were saying this the first year of his coaching career, but because the Avs made it to the playoffs and were so close to moving on past the first round, it was forgivable and chalked up to Roy maybe changing the way hockey is played. The past two years have brought to light exactly how feasible his coaching methods are and it is not looking good for him as a future coach. Roy was a great player, one of the greatest goalies ever, but it doesn’t seem like he is cut out to be an NHL coach. If Roy gets one more year at the helm of the Avalanche, some major adjustments are going to need to be made.

The talent for this team is there, but the coaching and leadership seems to be lacking. I like Patrick Roy, but his comments have not been well received and another year of bad possession numbers have put him in jeopardy of losing his job. This year is a lost cause for the Avalanche, next year could very well make or break the future of this organization.


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