Every year I go into the Rockies spring training with a sense of optimism that is entirely based off a miracle run that happened almost 10 years ago. That 2007 season gave hope and reason for me to believe every year, and while many choose the Rockies to be bottom dwellers year in and year out, I choose to look at the season in the most positive ways. Even in the dog days of summer, the Colorado Rockies find their way onto my TV for three hours a night and Drew Goodman’s voice fills my room with the monotone vocals that happen from watching dismal baseball for 162 games a year. Despite this, I will continue to follow, believe in, and cheer on the Rockies.

This year is no different, and like every year, I am going in with a positive mindset and hope that the Rockies can pull off a cinderella story, and at the very least, compete for a wildcard spot. A history of bad pitching, selfish ownership, and “the Coors Field effect” are burned into fan’s memories. This is no different for me, but there is always a silver lining.

With spring training in full swing now, the regular season is within view. The Colorado Rockies camp is heating up with competition at multiple positions and with that competition comes hope for a great season. As spring training goes on, I am going to preview each position and what to expect from that position over the course of the season, finally ending with what to expect from the Rockies as a team and some general predictions for the MLB season as a whole.

I will review the player’s past and what this means fans of the Rockies should expect for the future. Taking a new position each day, I am going to look at what the best case scenario is, along with also looking at what the negatives can be. Ideally the Rockies will perform above the expectations of everyone, leaving Colorado with another competitive team, but until then the most positive thing for the Rockies will be my hopes for them this season.

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