This will be a blog dedicated to three of the major sports teams in Colorado. The Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Rockies. (Sorry Broncos, you get enough love already)

I will be analyzing and examining various factors between these three teams including, but not limited to: roster moves/trades, potential playoff chances, the future of the team, and the general reception of team aspects by the fans.

This blog will also offer a generally more optimistic view for these three teams than is often seen in media surrounding them. Colorado sports, Broncos not included, have had relatively little success in recent years and are often written about, especially in mainstream media, with a lot of negativity. Focusing on the positive aspects, I will be writing and researching about these three teams in as positive of a spin as possible.

Being a Colorado sports fan for my entire life, this blog will have a “homer” essence to it that I will be embracing fully. Even during the lows of the season, (which are aplenty right now for the Nuggets and are sure to be unavoidable for the Rockies) I will maintain a positive tone and try and pick out the things that are going best in the seasons for each team.

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