About Me

My name is Cameron Parsons and I am a student at Colorado State University. I am studying English while concentrating on the writing aspect of it.

Being a Colorado native and growing up here since my birth, I have come to know and love the Colorado sports teams that I will be looking at. From a very young age, I was exposed to all of the major Colorado sports and from there it has turned into a passion of mine to attend, watch, and essentially study the various aspects of the three sports teams I will be looking at. Being a baseball player in high school, the Colorado Rockies are my favorite sports team and have been a subject of my writing from time to time. In more recent years I have become more engaged in the likes of the Nuggets and Avalanche and look forward to following them for years to come.

Sports have always been a passion to me and following teams located in my home state has always given me a sense of connection to the state, the fans, and to the sport. Writing about these sports is a great way for me to engage with them in a way I could not previously and gives me a better understanding of all of the aspects surrounding these sports.MeMe again

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